Matt Linnen is one of Nicole Scherzinger’s three rivals from the present year’s Overs arrangement. The X Factor’s Matt Linnen has revealed he truly has three youths, whom he has kept quiet in regards to all through the tryout method.

The plasterer has elucidated his clarifications behind not bringing his own life into the method as yet, to be particular that he needs to keep his eight, six and four-year-old kids out of individuals all in all eye. Matt yielded he’s doing The X Factor to enhance a life for his family and furthermore for himself, he in like manner remarked that he wouldn’t prefer to ‘use’ the youths as a way to deal with pull on the nation’s heartstrings.

The new live shows showed up an end of the week back, with twofold closures – one on Saturday night’s show and one on Sunday’s – and likewise another twist which sees the champs of consistently’s show compete for a ‘business enhancing’ prize.

Matt – who isn’t involved with any of the kids’ moms – talked about the consideration he’s been getting because of his tough great looks, having been marked the heartthrob of the opposition.

Matt stresses that Nicole winning The X Factor a year ago with Matt Terry as her competitor is in reality an awful sign.